DC Towers

The so-called Donau City Towers were designed by the French star architect Dominique Perrault. Only the DC Tower 1 is completed, which is at the same time the tallest building in Austria with a height of 250 meters. It was established on the 26th of February in 2014. The WED Vienna Danube Region Development Corporation owns the terrain of the tower. In addition, the skyscraper ingratiates with a green construction method.

Tech Gate Vienna

The Tech Gate Vienna is a science and technology park in the Donau City. The plans came from the Austrian architects Wilhelm Holzbauer and Sepp Frank. It was built from 1999 to 2005 in two stages:

First stage of construction (1999-2001): During this time, the 26 meter high gate component was erected. It has a gross floor area of ​​36,000 sqm, of which 15,000 sqm can be rented. Overall, the gate has seven floors.

Ares Tower

The 100-meter-high Ares Tower is another office tower in the Donau City. As with most buildings in the Donau City, the name comes from Greek mythology. Eponym for the Ares Tower was the Greek god of war Ares. The construction started in 1999. It was established almost simultaneously with the Tech Gate Vienna in the summer of 2001. The Viennese architect Heinz Neumann created the geometric and austere design for it.

Andromeda Tower

One of the tallest structures in Vienna is the so-called Andromeda Tower. It was the first building in the newly built Donau City district. The name comes from Greek mythology. In this Andromeda is the daughter of the Ethiopian King Kepheus and Cassiopeia. In the mythology she was forged to a rock by the sea, to ward off possible evil.

Living in the Donau City

The Donau City in Vienna’s 22nd district, Donaustadt, does not only offer numerous jobs. Living on the banks of the Danube also enjoys increasing popularity. A variety of recreational activities, green areas and various facilities make the Donau City a perfect place to live. Also because it is very close to the city including access to public transport.

Saturn Tower

The construction of the Saturn Tower started in 2003 following the Andromeda and Ares Tower. It was designed by the Austrian architects Heinz Neumann and Hans Hollein. As early as 2004, the office tower was completed. The skyscraper is located on the edge of the Danube Park and is about 95 meters high. The tower was named after the Roman god Saturn. Saturn was in the Roman mythology the god of sowing or agriculture.