Ares Tower

The 100-meter-high Ares Tower is another office tower in the Donau City. As with most buildings in the Donau City, the name comes from Greek mythology. Eponym for the Ares Tower was the Greek god of war Ares. The construction started in 1999. It was established almost simultaneously with the Tech Gate Vienna in the summer of 2001.

The Viennese architect Heinz Neumann created the geometric and austere design for it. He is the proud owner of the architecture and engineering company Neumann + Partner, which employs about 70 people. Neumann is mainly known for its office and high-rise buildings. These include, for example:

  • Uniqa Tower in Vienna
  • Euro Plaza, a business park on Wienerberg
  • Redesign of the Vienna Westbahnhof
  • Overbuilding of the railway station Wien Mitte


The skyscraper has a gross floor area of ​​61,000 sqm. About 40,000 square meters are used for offices, conference rooms, a sky lobby, a cafeteria and an underground car park. Overall, the Ares Tower has in total 26 floors. It is possible to rent about 440 sqm up to 1430 sqm as an office. The costs amount to about 12.00 to 15.50 Euro net per square meter.

Moreover, the building has following extras:

  • Two-shell facade construction
  • Raised floor including raised floor strips
  • Openable windows
  • Sun protection
  • 24/7 facility management service
  • Cooling ceilings
  • Access control
  • Optimal traffic organization

Sky lobby wolke 19

Just as wolke 21 exists in the Saturn Tower, wolke 19 is in the Ares Tower. Both locations are so-called sky lobbies and can be booked for special events such as weddings. The wolke 19 is also ideally suited for business matters. The location extends over three floors:

  • 19th floor: entrance, vestibule, cloakroom, two meeting rooms
  • 20th floor: Foyer, Sky Hall
  • 21st floor: Sky lobby, terrace, bar

There are also around 20 bar tables, Galatas and wooden armchairs. Also for lectures and similar thing it is well provided by a public address system, two screens (16:9) and a HD projector. Furthermore, it is possible to park in the underground car park of the Ares Tower for 2.50 euros per hour.

The Ares Tower is therefore not only a suitable place to work, but also a place to spend some long nights.